You know you are getting authentic Thai dishes when you eat here, as we are originally from Thailand and love to share the delicious and healthy flavors of our homeland. We respect the environment by recycling and abstaining from the use of Styrofoam and non-recyclable containers. We cook everything fresh when it's ordered. We peel, wash and cut vegetables by hand, and make our own dressing, dipping sauces and house sauce. No MSG is added to ingredients.

At Thai House Restaurant, we carefully developed our menu to offer a wide array of options, from rich and savory, to light and refreshing. You’ll soon want to experience all the options wonderful menu offers.



Thai House Restaurant is the best-kept secret for casual, affordable dining. 

our menu is served with a unique twist in a comfortable environment.

Sit down at Thai House Restaurant, and prepare for our attentive staff to take care of you with subtle efficiency. You can expect a personal commitment to ensure you have the relaxing meal you deserve.

traditional favorites with a signature twist
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